Buy socks for the Ukrainian army

Pending socks
Delivered to soldiers

Pending socks for the Ukrainian army

Lviv Sock Cooperative launches a new line of military socks. They were designed to provide warmth and comfort for Ukrainian soldiers on the frontline.

Support the Ukrainian army by paying for those socks in advance. We will deliver them straight to the battlefield.

To do that, buy any number of socks in the window on the right. When placing an order, please, choose delivery options – “Delivery to the Army“.

Request socks

In the box below, you can add a request to receive pending socks. Please provide your military unit number. We also ask you to cooperate and place group orders, this will make our logistics easier.

    Product “Підтримка ЗСУ” (підвішані шкарпетки) has been added to your cart.
    “Підтримка ЗСУ” (підвішані шкарпетки)
    “Підтримка ЗСУ” (підвішані шкарпетки)

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